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Are you wondering if glamping is for you?

Family outside wigwam

Can you remember going on holiday as a child and loving the freedom of the great outdoors, making new friends and exchanging address before you leave and promising to keep in touch?



As you grow older the thought of camping is not so appealing but the problem is that you know your children will just love it.

We think that Glamping may be for you.   You have the comfort of coz beds, a fridge, kettle and panel heater in your wigwam and a fully equipped kitchen and shower block on site.

Does this sound right up your street- well visit www.northumbrianwigwams.com and see what we have to offer.  We will make your glamping experience the best it can be.

As far as location is concerned we are three miles from the historic town of Berwick upon Tweed and a five-minute drive from one of Northumberland’s most beautiful beaches.  You can walk for miles along this beach or take the kids and make sandcastles and have a picnic.


When you come back you may want to cook in our fully equipped kitchen or hire a BBQ hut. The huts are great fun for families and groups of friends alike.

You may have already planned ahead and made a meal for the family which can be heated up in the kitchen- enjoy and then let the kids do the washing up!

Come away with a group of friends- or the parents of your kid’s best friends at school.  Your kids will love this and they will all keep each other entertained in the evening. Parents can relax and enjoy a glass of wine as their steaks are cooking on the BBQ.

If you want a day to chill then you can stay on site and there is still plenty to do.  Have a leisurely breakfast in the Restaurant then let the kids unleash their creativity and paint some pottery or catch a fish for tea. Let Mum have a treat of Afternoon Tea with Prosecco- all of which can be done without you even having to step into the car!


Visual learning is a fun way to point things out to kids. how them some rock pools, find some fossils on the beach and then watch the tide go in or out.  Kids love to learn the natural way and they can pick up so much information whilst enjoying the Sun Sea and Sand.

When back at the site at night you should take some time to chill and relax- you are on holiday too. A camp fire is a must for everyone and don’t forget about the marshmallows and skewers. A camp fire isn’t the same if you don’t have them. As the night gets darker let the kids look up at the dark skies and see all the stars- the sky will come alive at night!


A Glamping holiday is a holiday that both you and your children will not forget!

View our range of accommodation here and for bookings visit http://potadoodledo.angelfishbooking.co.uk/

Hope to see you soon,

Potadoodle do team

Farming update – Calving is over and EU visitors

Europeans visit

Pride calfCalving has officially finished and all the mothers and calves are out in the fields. The mothers are supplemented with silage and the calves get extra feeding too as they need more than their mothers milk as they grow.

The Bulls will shortly be introduced to the cows and then the cycle will start again.

Fresh silage and hay has been made for the winter ahead and has all been wrapped and preserved and put in the shed so that we have plenty feeding should the winter be a harsh one

The Royal Highland Show at Ingliston Edinburgh on 22nd June hosted the World Aberdeen Angus Forum and we were delighted to host a visit from a coach of Europeans who had attended the Show and wanted to come to the farm to see our cattle. The weather was kind to us that day and they all enjoyed their visit and left with a souvenir “Borewell Angus” Cap.

Europeans visit

Getting ready for Harvest  –  Theres plenty to do in preparation for one of the busiest times of the year!   All the Harvest Machinery, combine Harvester, tractors, and trailers, loaders and grain driers all have to be thoroughly checked over and any maintenance carried out.  This is a vital job as the last thing we want is break downs in the middle of harvest when the weather is good.

Tractor and combine

Once the machinery is sorted the men have to go out to the fields and “rogue” them of wild oats. Roguing a field is when you walk up and down the tram lines and identify and remove wild oats from within the crop and put them, roots and all, in a plastic bag to dispose of. This is done to preserve the quality of the crop being grown, and is very important especially when growing seed crops.

Grand canyon view

Aswell as doing all this the men also have to help my team maintain my wigwam site and to carry out any jobs in preparation for the busy summer ahead. Cutting of grass, strimming and hedgecutting all has to be done in addition to their busy lives on the farm.

Watch this space for more of our updates.

Potadoodle do x

NEW Video – See inside Potadoodle do site, Berwick upon tweed


September and October were two very busy months as we worked on our new video for Pot a Doodle Do.

Sky Vantage Productions owners, Ollie and Alice Cowgill headed the team and they regularly came to Pot a Doodle Do with cameras and drones with a view to getting some fantastic footage for the video.

There was a really nice family staying in the Grand Canyon Deluxe Wigwam (coincidentally called Cowgill too) and they very kindly agreed to be filmed for the video.

They were filmed as they entered the wigwam and then having Toast and Coffee for breakfast.We are very grateful to them for the time that they dedicated to our video.

Sarah Jane, our Art Studio Assistant was filmed painting a cappuccino cup and saucer and her grandson Freddie also assisted with the filming on the swing and slide in the play park.

To get filming of the BBQ hut we decided to have a fun night in there. Ollie filmed us all going into the hut and then John was filmed throwing a steak on the BBQ.  We all had a great night of fun and laughter, consumed some really well barbecued steaks and burgers –oh and a few glasses of prosecco and red wine to go with it!  Chris even gave us a song or two with his Ukulele .A great way to film the hut.

Our friend Chris who is a great fisherman, agreed to cast out on the fishing lake as the drone was overhead so that Ollie could get an aerial view of the lake.  We didn’t think the lake was so big until we saw it from the aerial view.

The footage then heads over the sand dunes to capture our beautiful beach at Cocklawburn and shows the waves splashing on the sand before finishing with a backdrop view of the farm.

We are truly grateful to Ollie and Alice at Sky Vantage Productions for the superb video they have put together for us and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.