Glamping Pods Adventures in North East England

When you are surrounded by nature and close to a beautiful coastline a wigwam glamping pods holiday can be one of the best holidays you will ever have. You can take time to slow down, relax and enjoy spending quality time with your kids, your family and friends. It is the perfect way to distract yourself from the hussle and bussle of the busy daily lives we lead.

We have put together some of the adventures of wigwam pods glamping and hope that it will prepare you for a truly exciting experience.

  • Create some Memories – the more wigwam pods glamping you do the more special memories you will make. Doing activities together whether it be pottery painting, fishing, walking and playing on the beach, playing games or watching the stars at night as you toast your marshmallows on the camp fire- the list is endless!
  • Put your phones and gadgets away for the weekend and look at your kids instead of your screens! Yes focus on your time as a family rather than time on your phone!  With a bit of luck you may have a poor phone signal so your kids will get 100% of your attention!
  • Bond with your family and friends -You have the whole wigwam glamping time to relax and spend in conversation with each other! Reminisce about things in the past, crack some jokes, tell some funny stories and enjoy each others company while relaxing in a beautiful environment!
  • Rules do not need to be applicable on holiday so forget about set bed time routines- its about having fun. You will go to bed when you are ready and get up when the sun shines through your wigwam window.
  • Hire a BBQ Hut and have great fun with all the family. Let the kids help with the preparation of the food.  Cook on the BBQ then chill in the hut for the rest of the evening and enjoy a beer or glass of wine and hear all the stories and tales that start to unfold.
  • Everybody needs fresh air and Wigwam glamping is the perfect way to get your share of it. Everyone has stressful lives but get out there and breathe in the fresh air as you walk along the beach and use the time to connect with your kids and family and enjoy the fun time together.
  • If you think you might like our glamping pods then give it a try. You and your family should experience it together and realise how much fun you can have.  Memories and fun await you.  You never know- you might find that it becomes a family favourite tradition for everyone!

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